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At the beginning of March Student Publications took a four day trip to the ACP National College Journalism Convention held in Universal City, CA. Not only is this the place where The Hope International Tribune placed seventh in the Less than Weekly category last year, but where the staff gains feedback from professionals and incorporates new ideas into the program. Although The Hope International Tribune did not place in this year’s national competition, it was a win for what the staff learned to apply to the publication for the sake of the community it serves.IMG_4364

out the convention the staff was faced with multiple realities that needed to be addressed. Though the staff would like to have a fast functioning website that updated every day with new content like other schools, we physically cannot strive for that goal based on our resources and the distinctive need for the newspaper on our campus. We decided that as a staff, The Hope International Tribune should be writing what the community wants to know about.

To complete this objective we realized that the staff needs to be in tune with the student body and its wants. The Hope International Tribune staff wants to be an advocate for the student body and a representation of what they feel needs to be addressed on campus and in the Fullerton community.

In order to do so, we ask that as we try to gain data about the newspaper the student body is willing to give their opinion to The Hope International Tribune in the event that we will take the information to personalize the coverage of what the student body is requesting. We ask that you be completely honest and willing to provide feedback each issue to inform our staff about how we are doing in forms of social media and questionnaires. We are willing to meet halfway in order to rightfully represent what the student body desires.

Please feel free to voice any immediate opinions regarding issues, story ideas, or general feedback of the newspaper to any one of our staff members or email us at Otherwise we look forward to receiving your feedback as the semester starts coming to a close.


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